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Loving torti cats & genetics: Chimera Cat more likely to be X-inactivation?

August 24, 2012


Venus - internet cat sensation of the week.

Okay, that’s it! Someone else shared ‘I F***ing Love Science‘s chimera cat story in my Facebook feed and said they wanted a chimera pet too. Could someone please show me the evidence that it’s a chimera, because I can’t find it. It’s a cat with fantastic markings that’s doing the rounds on the interwebs! And you’re […]

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Methane mythbusting – Do babies produce methane?

August 16, 2012


Never say never

What better to welcome us back than a little idiosyncratic methane (CH4) mythbusting! I can hear you groaning, not again! Babies don’t produce methane isn’t a popular myth – unlike the one about methane being the smell in farts – and I acknowledge that it’s something most people have neither considered nor care about. Instead […]

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Long time, no post

August 16, 2012



It’s been months and months of absence. Well, not quite, but it has been months since I wrote a proper post. Is it blogger’s block? It all started because I was doing some remunerated writing, and once I slipped out of the habit of un-remunerated blogging it was easy to stay out. I’ve had occasional ideas and even […]

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Transit of venus – just my backyard snaps

June 6, 2012


transit of venus 1.31 PM Adelaide

Of course, if you’re a scientist then you need to give precise details of your sophisticated methodology: Find scrap paper that’s left over from some meeting or conference and has cardboard attached Prop it up on a pair of walking boots left outside the back door When the paper starts blowing in the wind, grab […]

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Busting university myths for students – graduate employment rates like an ugly actress in Hollywood

April 25, 2012


Employment outcomes for Australian research masters and PhD graduates. Full time employment rates are for those seeking full time employment.

Don’t you hate it when you’re right? I thought I was joking when I previously wrote about a career in science: Maybe a better analogy is an actor. Working as a researcher has about as much certainty as an ugly actress in Hollywood. I saw that the Cosmos Ultimate Science Guide 2012 (page 32) had statistics […]

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