Employment outcomes for Australian research masters and PhD graduates. Full time employment rates are for those seeking full time employment. 25/04/2012
Science is an nefarious ponzi scheme. Click to see original at Piled Higher and Deeper. 06/10/2011

Scientific Russian roulette – job security in research careers

April 19, 2011


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While the $400 million destruction of medical research funding is the number one priority now, there’s another issue that perennially looms large  – the funding system that makes embarking on a research career more like playing Russian roulette.  Job insecurity is rated as the biggest factor in the low attractiveness of research as a career. I think it’s the biggest […]

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Women in science (NHMRC data for science careers Russian roulette post)

April 19, 2011



This post contains data and graphs on women in research that I didn’t put in the main Scientific Russian roulette post. These graphs show the success rates for women and men are similar at all but the most senior levels; the problem seems to lie in the decreasing number of female applicants. Data from NHMRC awards 2002-08 […]

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